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JEH Logo Earth

Logo Reveal

Here is a logo reveal created in Adobe After Effects and using Element 3D and Opitcal Flares. Related posts: Logo Cut Out Reveal Ancient Logo Discovery Industrial Logo Logo in chains

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Meteor Still

Meteor crashing into water

This is a video clip I made of a meteor crashing into water.  I used Mocha AE to track the footage, which is from Videoblocks and multiple copies of Trapcode Particular for the meteor smoke trail.  Some clips from Action Essentials of water splashes were used for the impact, along with some shockwaves from the …

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Globe on fire

Globe on fire

This was inspired by a fire pit I saw on Shipping Wars.  The globe is an extruded spline that has the bend modifier applied to it in 3DS Max, then exported as an OBJ file to be used in Element 3D.  I used several copies of the Element 3D layer as Z-depth passes to get …

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All pics small

Sunset Photo Edit

The other day I took some photos of a sunset and then wanted to see what I could come up with, by changing colours, adding elements, to see where it took me. This is what I came up with using Adobe After Effects. This is the original picture, although I have removed some telephone wires …

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